Applied Nuclear Physics

Applied Nuclear Physics

This area of study is concerned with the low-energy nuclear physics and interaction of radiation with matter important to nuclear chemistry, nuclear technology and applications. Research programs include fundamental nuclear physics measurements for applied purposes and the development of advanced detectors and methodologies, in addition to the application of nuclear techniques in a wide range of studies. Current emphasis is on measurement of fast neutron cross sections at the 88" cyclotron at LBNL and the High Flux Neutron Generator in 1140 Etcheverry, long stand-off distance antineutrino monitoring of reactors, the design of methodologies and systems to counter the possible transport of clandestine nuclear materials, and applications in the biomedical and radiological sciences. There is also a new and rapidly growing effort in nuclear data for fundamental science and applications.



4153 Etcheverry Hall, MC 1730 (map) University of California
Berkeley, California 94720

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