Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Faculty Leave

Less-than-7days Leave Form
To be approved by Vice Chair of Instruction and Chair
Must be approved 4 days before leave start date

For Leaves more than 7 days and Sabbatical/Special Leave of Absence - UPAY573-1
To be approved by Dean of the College
Must be approved prior to leave start date

>>>Submit form and your memo to Hanna Lorica.
Memo should state reason for leave/plan for the leave.

Sabbatical Leaves should be requested 1 year before leave.
More information on
Sabbatical Leaves

Per College of Engineering policy, If a faculty member's leave in a given semester will involve missing or rescheduling more than 10% of their classroom teaching, the Dean must approve.  Approval will require a clear plan that demonstrates that students are receiving the requisite number of instructional hours, delivered by qualified instructors, with no compromise of the course content or quality.

Leave of Absence Policy can be found at APM-700

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Berkeley Manual of Academic Personnel

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