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Apply at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

All applicants must read College of Engineering Admissions.

UC Berkeley does not accept applications for spring semester admission.

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Freshman Applicants

Freshman applicants should supplement the University's required a-f subject pattern by including in their high school program four years of mathematics, and chemistry and physics to fulfill the laboratory science requirement.

In selecting students, grades from 10th and 11th on the a-f approved subject list, advanced placement and honors courses, national college aptitude (SAT I: Reasoning Test or ACT) and SAT II: Subject Test scores are considered. Additional factors such as special achievements and awards, content of the personal essay, and qualification for programs such as Affirmative Action and Educational Opportunity are also carefully considered.

Because of the timing of admission decisions, it is extremely important that all testing be completed by the December test dates of the student's senior year.

Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants are encouraged to apply at the undergraduate junior level. Such students should have completed the required lower division prerequisites prior to the semester in which they wish to enter UC Berkeley. These courses or their equivalents are offered at most California community colleges.

In admitting transfer applicants, the Department considers college grades and the extent to which the lower division prerequisites have been completed, as well as the additional factors listed above for freshman applicants. Preference is given to California community college transfers over applicants from state universities and other four-year schools.

Lower division requirements:

  • Mathematics 1A - 1B (Calculus), 53, 54 (Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus)
  • Chemistry 1A - 1B (General Chemistry)
  • Physics 7A - 7B - 7C (Physics for Scientists and Engineers)
  • Electrical Engineering 40 plus 43, or 100 (Introduction to Electronics)
  • Engineering 45 (Properties of Materials), and 77 (Scientific and Engineering Problem Solving Using Computers)
  • Humanities/social studies electives (see the Announcement from the College of Engineering for further details)
NE Undergraduate Student Evan Still posing for a photo at commencement
NE Undergraduate Student Evan Still posing for a photo at commencement

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