Public Policy and Nuclear Engineering Concurrent Master Degree Program

Public Policy (M.P.P.) - Nuclear Engineering (M.S.) Concurrent Degree Program

Government and technology interact more, and with greater consequences, every year.  Whether the issue area is environmental protection, intellectual property (copyright and the internet), health care, water supply, or any of myriad other contexts, government agencies at all levels, non-profit organizations and private industry need people who understand technology on its own terms and also the ways government supports, controls, or directs it.  Because this program is small, each student’s program tends to be customized with the agreement of advisors in both programs.

Basic Requirements
Year 1

  • Completion of the MPP first year core curriculum.
  • Summer Internship
Year 2

  • Complete required units in nuclear engineering, plus six electives agreeable to both schools.
  • Complete a paper that satisfies the MS Plan I or Plan II requirement, and the MPP APA (Advanced Policy Analysis) requirement


For more information about this program, contact Michael Nacht, Professor of Public Policy at (510) 643-4038, or Bethany Goldblum, Professor of Nuclear Engineering at