Personalized Cancer Radiotherapy Through In Vivo Sensing

Abstract:  We will discuss how to personalize cancer therapy through the development of new integrated circuit-based platforms for detecting both the delivery of charged particle therapy (CPT).   Real-time in vivo dosimetry - at the single particle level - holds the key to unlocking the power of personalized theranostics with both 𝛼 and β particles

NuScale Power – A Scalable Clean Energy Solution

Recent studies show that the addition of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) to the renewable energy mix offers the least cost path to achieving clean energy mandates. NuScale Power has developed and received NRC approval for its SMR technology with customers seeking to deploy the technology within this decade. The potential for hydrogen production as part


Dr. Kotlyar has established a sustainable research program in the field of advanced nuclear reactor design and multiphysics analysis. His Computational Reactor Engineering Laboratory (CoRE) focuses on developing the next generation production tools as well as designing advanced and low cost nuclear energy systems. In this talk he will cover the design aspects and modeling

Electrification in Metals and Mining: One Path Forward?

Metals and minerals remain at the basis of modern society and their affordable and environmentally respectable extraction and recycling is required. A global population of 9 billion people by 2050 and global issues such as greenhouse gas emissions provide unique opportunities for the deployment of new technologies for metals extraction and processing. Anticipating affordability and

University-National Lab Collaborations in Nuclear Engineering: From Research to Workforce

Dr. Noël Bakhtian Executive Director of the Berkeley Lab Energy Storage Center at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Lab The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) is a consortium bringing together the Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory and the four public research universities of Idaho and Wyoming. This talk will give insight

Protactinium Production in Leading Thorium Fuel Cycles

Dr. Eva C. Uribe senior systems research analyst at Sandia National Laboratories Nuclear power from thorium fuel cycles is being explored around the world to extend uranium resource and to reduce the quantity of long-lived nuclear waste generated by civilian nuclear power production. Significant research and development efforts towards fuel cycles using thorium as the

Thinking differently about radiation damage: New methods of measurement using nuclear magnetic resonance.

Ian Farnan Professor of Earth & Nuclear Materials The effects of radiation damage are a constant source of concern in nuclear engineering.  The need the need to achieve greater tolerance over the effects of radiation damage is fundamental to the roadmap for the implementation of next generation fission and fusion systems, but how well do

Fuel Cycle Needs to Support Advanced Reactors

Christina J. Leggett, Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering Technical Consultant Booz Allen Hamilton Now is an exciting time for the nuclear industry. Several advanced reactor designers are vying to enter the reactor market with a range of reactor designs, including molten salt reactors, high-temperature gas reactors, sodium fast reactors, and even microreactors. They range in size from

Individual Stories behind the Fukushima Nuclear Tragedy

  Japanese photojournalist Obara will give a talk about individual stories of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear workers in Fukushima. Many aspects of the accident and working conditions forced nuclear workers to be silent after the accident. Workers became invisible from the society. He had tried to uncover their individual stories. In this talk, Obara will also show his

Nuclear Energy Cost Drivers and Innovations that Matter


Koroush Shirvan John Clark Hardwick (1986) Career Development Professor Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology Zoom presentation please join by clicking here Meeting ID: 939 5015 6382 Abstract— Nuclear energy supplies 10% of world’s electricity and its overall installed capacity has been growing in the past 5 years. This talk explores

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