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NASA Open Science: Space Radiation and Biological Effects

3105 Etcheverry Hall 3105 Etcheverry Hall, Berkeley

Dr. Sylvain V. Costes Space Biosciences Research Branch Chief Project Manager for Open Science for Space Biology (GeneLab/ALSDA) Director of the Radiation Biophysics Laboratory NASA Ames Research Center Abstract The challenges and risks associated with deep space missions require new knowledge discovery tools and biomedical support capabilities. To support this shift, biological data needs to

“Future Directions for Nuclear Energy”

3105 Etcheverry Hall 3105 Etcheverry Hall, Berkeley

Per F. Peterson Distinguished Professor William and Jean McCallum Floyd Endowed Chair Department of Nuclear Engineering Abstract Fission energy is currently the largest source of zero-carbon electrical power in the United States, but expanded use has stalled due to high construction costs, long schedules, and lack of policies that credit the low carbon emissions from nuclear

High fluence He irradiation of materials using Helium Ion Microscopy

4101 Etcheverry Hall

Gregor Hlawaceka Institute for Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research, Helmholtz—Zentrum Dresden—Rossendorf, 01328 Dresden, Germany Abstract: I will present some recent results on the high fluence irradiation of metals using gas field ion source (GFIS) based helium ion microscope (HIM)1 . High entropy alloys (HEAs) are a relatively new class of metal alloys composed of

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