Researchers lead federal efforts to improve COVID-19 testing

Researchers lead federal efforts to improve COVID-19 testing

April 22, 2020

Rebecca Abergel of Berkeley Lab's Chemical Sciences Division is studying how an anti-radiation-poisoning pill she developed in 2014 could help to protect people from the potential toxicity in the long-term retention of gadolinium, an ingredient in MRI contrast agents. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 in Berkeley, Calif. 09/04/19

The Department of Nuclear Engineering is pleased to announce that one of our very own faculty has been leading the efforts during this global pandemic in the fight against COVID-19.

Rebecca Abergel, a faculty scientist in the Chemical Sciences Division and faculty for the Department of Nuclear Engineering, is leading a team to help establish validated alternatives to the instruments and reagents used for the currently approved diagnostics for COVID-19. This effort will provide normalized protocols to the broader community.

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