Nuclear Energy Cost Drivers and Innovations that Matter

KorousShirvan SPEAKER: Koroush Shirvan John Clark Hardwick (1986) Career Development Professor
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology DATE/TIME: FRI, 10/01/2021 – 3:00PM TO 4:00PM LOCATION: ZOOM Fall 2021 Colloquium Series Abstract:

Nuclear energy supplies 10% of world’s electricity and its overall installed capacity has been growing in the past 5 years. This talk explores the key cost drivers for nuclear energy and challenges the recent overemphasis on advanced construction techniques and megaproject risk over focusing on nuclear reactor plant equipment optimization and meeting end-application cost targets. Then the presentation will overview the research activities at professor Shirvan’s Center of Nuclear Innovation for Fission Technologies including use of artificial intelligence, advanced reactors R&D and assessing additive manufacturing potential. The talk concludes with list of top three innovation pathways to reduce cost of nuclear: 1. Performance based regulation and radiation protection; 2. Cost effective manufacturing technologies; 3. High performing materials to improve reactor building power density and increase temperature.

About the Speaker:

Koroush Shirvan is the John Clark Hardwick (1986) Career Development Professor in Nuclear Science and Engineering department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Shirvan previously held a role of principal scientist at MIT with >10 years of experience in developing and designing innovative nuclear fuel, nuclear reactor components and power systems, particularly accident tolerant fuels and small modular reactors. In 2017, he established the center of Nuclear Innovation in Fission Technologies, currently supported by Department of Energy and industry partners including Exelon, Fortum and EPRI. He is an active consultant to the nuclear industry on matters of cost and safety. He is also organizer of several professional nuclear education activities including co-director of the Reactor Technology Course for Utility Executives sponsored by the National Academy for Nuclear Training. He currently supervises 18 graduate students and 3 postdocs.