CAMPEP-Medical Physics Curriculum

Medical Physics Curriculum

As required to satisfy the accreditation by CAMPEP, the medical physics certificate curriculum will cover the following core topics:

1. Radiological Physics and Dosimetry
2. Radiation Protection and Radiation Safety
3. Fundamentals of Imaging in Medicine
4. Radiobiology
5. Anatomy and Physiology
6. Radiation Therapy Physics
7. Ethics

The didactic education in the core topics above will be considered satisfied by taking the following courses. (Provided the prerequisite upper division undergraduate physics courses have already been completed. See Qualifications subsection.)

UCB NE 107                      Introduction to Imaging (3)
UCB NE 162                      Radiation Dosimetry (2)
UCB NE 262                      Radiobiology (2)
UCB IngeBi 131                General Human Anatomy (3)
UCB BioEng 100               Ethics in Science and Engineering (3)
UCSF RadOnc 235A         Radiation Therapy Physics I (3)
UCSF RadOnc 235B         Radiation Therapy Physics II (3)
UCSF RadOnc 235C         Radiation Therapy Physics III & Clinical Rotation (3)

4153 Etcheverry Hall, MC 1730 (map) University of California
Berkeley, California 94720

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