Fung Feature: Juhi Nandwani, MEng ’20 (NE)

Fung Feature: Juhi Nandwani, MEng ’20 (NE)

January 24, 2020


One of our MEng students, Juhi Nandwani, MEng' 20 (NE) was featured on the Fung Institutes website for her work on growing the healthcare system in Belize and the importance of self-care.

The feature highlights her background as well as what inspired her to work in the field of nuclear engineering. She says, "My parents always advised me that choosing a career path is not about fiscal outcomes; rather, it is about pursuing a career that will bring you happiness. After years of considering what I would be happy doing every day, I finally chose nuclear engineering and radiological sciences, a field that changed my life greatly while I was working towards obtaining my radiation therapist license. The lack of radiation oncology in the medical field in my home country, Belize, initially led me to radiation therapy as a baccalaureate major. Belize as a country does not have the equipment and funds to invest in a radiation oncology department in any of our hospitals at this time. This task is in the hands of the current and future generations."

Keep up the good work Juhi! To read the full article, click here.