Coherent control in intense laser matter interactions via polarization manipulation

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Franklin Dollar Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, School of Physical Sciences; Associate Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy; University of California, Irvine High intensity laser matter interactions with short pulse durations are the epitome of extreme science, at ultrafast timescales, extremely high energy densities, and relativistic effects defining the regime. In this talk, I will

The Evolving Nuclear Fuel Cycle – Challenges and Opportunities

3105 Etcheverry Hall 3105 Etcheverry Hall, Berkeley, CA

Dr. Monica C. Regalbuto Idaho National Laboratory Director, Integrated Fuel Cycle Strategy The United States is pursuing an aggressive plan to combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions in which nuclear power is set to play a vital role. Accelerated development of advanced reactor designs introduce evolving nuclear fuel cycles that deviates from the commercially

Superconducting Magnets and the Path to Fusion Energy

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Brandon Sorbom, Chief Science Officer Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) MIT, Ph.D., Nuclear Science and Engineering (2017) Loyola Marymount University, B.S., Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics (2010) MIT and Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), a new startup company focused on the rapid commercialization of fusion, are jointly pursuing a privately-funded, accelerated approach to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion

Nuclear Engineering Virtual Graduate Open House

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Please join Berkeley Engineering's Nuclear Engineering Open House, this Wednesday, November 17, 3-5 p.m. PT, to learn more about the graduate programs available for the 2022-23 academic year. There will be discussions about degree options, current research and funding, student life, and the application process. Register for the virtual event online and participate with this Zoom link.

Virtual Graduate School Fair

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Join Us this Friday with 25 schools representing 26 programs Nuclear Engineering | Health Physics | Plasma Science & Engineering | Computational Science & Engineering | Engineering Physics etc. Whether starting or continuing your graduate studies, searching for on-campus or online programs, or seeking funding, please join us at the virtual fair representing 25 school

LBNL ‘s Applied Nuclear Physics program- developing concepts of radiation detection

3105 Etcheverry Hall 3105 Etcheverry Hall, Berkeley, CA

November 19 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm 3105 Etcheverry Hall **in-person**Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 973 2390 1362 Passcode: 608663 Brian Quiter Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Researchers in the Applied Nuclear Physics (ANP) program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have focused on developing new radiation detectors and radiation detection methods to solve problems related to

Special Talk by Dr. Bethany Goldblum

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    Bethany Goldblum Executive Director, NSSC Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Nuclear Science for National Security Applications While the probability of nuclear exchange may be low, the consequences are undeniably grave. My research focuses on methods to improve nuclear security and nonproliferation while advancing technically-sound policies. Via a series of vignettes, I discuss

Don Olander and Light Water Reactor Materials: A Personal Memoir and Tribute

Bancroft Hotel 2680 Bancroft way, Berkeley, CA

Arthur Motta Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering  Penn State University This talk is an homage to Don Olander, as a special tribute to the enormous influence he has had on a whole generation of nuclear materials scientists, and a remembrance of my time at UC Berkeley, working under his supervision. The

Recent inertial confinement fusion experiments at NIF reaching 1.35 MJ and the Lawson criterion for ignition

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DR. ANDREA (ANNIE) L. KRITCHER Design lead for HYBRID-E, Integrated hohlraum modeling team lead, Line Group leader in Design Physics Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory B.S. Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan (2005) M.S. Nuclear Engineering, University of California Berkeley (2007) Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering, University of California Berkeley (2009) The inertial fusion community have been working towards

From Superheavy Elements to the Stockpile: The Journey of a Cal Grad

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Dr. Sarah L. Nelson Office of Defense Programs National Nuclear Security Administration Abstract: TBD About the Speaker: Dr. Sarah Nelson, a nuclear and radiochemist, serves as the Director (Acting) for the Office of Experimental Sciences for the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) Office of Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (NA-11), including Academic Programs. Sarah joined

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