Medical physics can broadly be defined as the application of physics to medicine and biology. Clinical medical physics refers specifically to application to patients as part of their medical care. This usually involves the delivery of both non-ionizing and ionizing radiation to patients as part of a diagnostic and/or therapeutic treatment strategy. Current US standards of professional practice require medical physicists to complete structured clinical training (residency) and have graduated from a program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP).


The Medical Physics Minor is open to all students accepted into the Nuclear Engineering PhD program who have a strong foundation in upper-level undergraduate physics. This shall be demonstrated either by an undergraduate or graduate degree in physics, or by a degree in an engineering discipline or another of the physical sciences and with coursework that is the equivalent of a minor in physics (i.e., one that includes at least three upper-level undergraduate physics courses that would be required for a physics major). If a student does not have these requirements fulfilled, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure the necessary classes are taken before the certification can be transferred at the time of graduation from the PhD program.


Requirements for the Medical Physics certificate include:

1. Declaration of intent to graduate with Medical Physics as a minor and approval from department.
2. Completion of all the core elements required for a PhD in Nuclear Engineering as outlined in the Student Handbook.
3. Completion of the set of required CAMPEP-approved medical physics courses outlined in the Curriculum section.


Record of completion of CAMPEP requirements:

Students who are eligible for and complete the requirements above will graduate with a PhD in Nuclear Engineering with a Minor in Medical Physics. This specialization will be noted on the student’s diploma.

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