Best Paper Awards

Announcing: The 2019 UC Berkeley's Nuclear Engineering Department Best Paper Awards

December 13, 2019

This past Friday, our department chair Peter Hosemann continues his annual holiday tradition and gave out the 2019 UC Berkeley's Nuclear Engineering Department Best Paper Awards to eight students at this year's holiday party.

Let's celebrate the following students for their amazing work:

  1. David Frazer for his publication entitled "Plasticity of UO2 studied and quantified via elevated temperature micro compression testing" in the Journal of Nuclear Materials.
  2. Kylie Bilton for his publication entitled “Non-negative Matrix Factorization of Gamma-Ray Spectra for Background Modeling, Detection, and Source Identification” in IEEE Transactions in Nuclear Science.
  3. Adriana Sweet for her publication entitled “Radiative-capture cross sections for the 139La(n, g) reaction using thermal neutrons and structural properties of 140La” in Physical Review C.
  4. Marissa Ramirez De Chanlette for her publication entitled "A Two-Grid and Nonlinear Diffusion Acceleration Method for the SN Equations with Neutron Upscattering." in the Journal of Computational Transport Theory.
  5. Tyler Bailey for his publication entitled “Biodistribution Studies of Chelated Ce-134/La-134 as Positron-Emitting Analogues of Alpha-Emitting Therapy Radionuclides” in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.
  6. Amanda Lewis for her publication entitled "Ratio method for estimating uncertainty in calculated gamma cascades" in the European Physical Journal A.
  7. Jonathan Morrell for his publication entitled "Boutique neutrons advance 40Ar/39Ar-geochronology" in Science Advances.
  8. Daniel Wooten for his publication entitled "Linear Optimization for Predicting Material Compositions in Molten Salt Reactors" in the Annals of Nuclear Energy.

Congratulations to all the winners and a special thank you to those who were able to attend the event. Happy Holidays!