Injury And Illness Prevention Program

Undergraduate Programs

Effective Date:  05/01/2018

Department Head: Ken Goldberg, Professor and Department Chair

Department Safety Coordinator:  Keith McAleer, (510)-642-6222

Computer Workstation Evaluator: Keith McAleer, (510)-642-6222

Safety Related Items:

  • 1166 Etcheverry Hall
  • Location of minutes from Safety Committee Meeting (see Section II)
  • Blank ‘Report of Unsafe Condition’– Pickup and Turn-in locations (see Section III)
  • Location of other safety-related items (see Section IV)
  • Documents related to IIPP – safe, convenient record keeping location (see Section IX)
  • Location of Training Records for IIPP (see Section IX)
  • Rebecca Pauling: Person who assists injured employees with appropriate paperwork (see Section VI)

The Safety Committee meets:  QUARTERLY



LOCATION: 3110 Etcheverry Hall

The Safety Committee members are:

Chair’s Name: Rebecca Pauling

Section/Sub-unit: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Member Name: Keith McAleer

Section/Sub-unit: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Member Name: Anayancy Paz

Section/Sub-unit: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Buildings occupied by this department:

Building name or address:      ETCHEVERRY HALL

Unit within your department (if applicable):

Building Coordinator and phone number at this location: Dan Essley (510) 332-8734

Alt. Building Coordinator and phone number: Scott G. McCormick (510) 599-4293

University of California, Berkeley

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

I. Introduction and Purpose

It is the policy of the University of California, Berkeley to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for each employee (including student and contract employees), and to comply with all applicable occupational health and safety regulations. This Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is intended to establish a framework for identifying and correcting workplace hazards within the department while addressing legal requirements for a formal, written IIPP.

II. Responsibilities
III. Identifying Workplace Hazards
IV. Communicating Workplace Hazards
V. Correcting Workplace Hazards
VI. Investigaing Injuries and Illnesses
VII. Employee Health and Safety Training
VIII. Ensuring Compliance
IX. Record Keeping
X. Campus Safety Resources

4153 Etcheverry Hall, MC 1730 (map) University of California
Berkeley, California 94720

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