The Transformational Challenge Reactor

Abstract: This talk provides and overview of motivation behind and ongoing activities towards development and deployment of the Transformational Challenge Reactor (TCR) About the Speaker: Kurt Terrani is a Senior Staff Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the Director of Transformational Challenge Reactor program for U.S. DOE, Office of Nuclear Energy. He joined the

Next-Generation Laser Plasma Spectroscopy Technologies for Nuclear Security

Vassilia Zorba Group Leader, Laser Technologies Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab & Associate Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley Abstract: Pulsed laser technologies play a critical role in nuclear security, including remote sensing, safeguards and emergency response. My group’s research focuses on the development of next-generation laser technologies with improved sensitivity, precision, and

Going From Zero to A Billion: How to Build an Advanced Nuclear Power Plant Indy Style

Canon Bryan Chief Financial Officer, Terrestrial Energy Abstract: The nuclear energy industry is transforming from being highly concentrated and government- or multinational- funded to nimble, innovative start-ups funded by the cleantech community. This lecture discusses how it is possible to take an advanced reactor design from the idea stage to a multi-billion-dollar concern and still

Machine Learning approach to Nuclear Threat Detection

Simon E Labov, Ph. D. Group Leader, Nuclear Security Physics Program Leader, Nuclear Detection Program Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division and Global Security Directorate Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Co-hosted with NSSC Abstract: Conventional approaches to radiation measurements are sometimes insufficient to address the challenges of nuclear threat detection in real-world conditions.  Threat-aware signal processing, statistical

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