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The Berkeley Space Center

3105 Etcheverry Hall 3105 Etcheverry Hall, Berkeley

Alexandre Bayen Liao-Cho Professor, EECS; Associate Provost for the Berkeley Space Center This talk will describe the latest development of the Berkeley Space Center, a project in which UC Berkeley is developing a 36 acres parcel at NASA Ames (Moffett Field, near Mountain View), to build a new 1.4M sqft research hub, which will host research

Microfluidics Separations for Field-Deployable Nuclear Forensics

3105 Etcheverry Hall 3105 Etcheverry Hall, Berkeley

  Jennifer Shusterman Staff Scientist, LLNL Abstract The Nuclear and Radiochemistry group at LLNL works on a wide variety of projects ranging from nuclear forensics to stockpile stewardship to fundamental studies in super heavy element production and chemistry. An overview of some of the work in the NRC group will be provided as well as

Chemistry and physics of graphite in molten fluoride salts

3105 Etcheverry Hall 3105 Etcheverry Hall, Berkeley

L Vergari Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign   Abstract Graphite is a ubiquitous material in nuclear engineering. Within Generation IV designs, graphite serves as a reflector or fuel element material in Fluoride-Salt-Cooled-High-Temperature Reactors (FHRs), Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs), and High-Temperature-Gas-Reactor (HTGRs). In fusion research, graphite was originally proposed

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