Superheavy Elements: Berkeley’s role in creating the periodic table

Abstract: The thrilling history of creating elements past uranium - from the first steps during the Manhattan Project to the modern experiments rewriting our understanding of the chemical world. From flying planes into mushroom clouds to some of the most powerful research machines in the world, this will reshape everything you think you know about

Creating a Market for Nuclear Waste Disposal

Abstract: Disposing of nuclear waste is currently owned and managed by governments and state-run utilities around the world, yet nuclear-spent fuel has yet to be disposed of.  This waste currently sits in pools and dry casks above ground waiting for an operational repository.  As a private, small-business startup, Deep Isolation has created a new approach

“We’ll Get to That Next!” Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Control Room Design

Abstract: Staffing and control are crucial considerations in the development and licensing of advanced reactors. Advanced reactors do not solve the challenges of human-in-the-loop control through full automation, and it is incorrect to assume that the control system of a new reactor is a tail-end design activity. The very viability of advanced reactor designs hinges

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