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Proton therapy: a perfect slice of physics, mathematics, and biology

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Ke Sheng, Ph.D., FAAPM, Professor and Vice Chair of Medical Physics Department of Radiation Oncology, University of California, San Francisco Radiotherapy delivers an ionizing cytotoxic dose to both tumors and normal tissues. Research in the past decades has focused on reducing normal tissue dose. Protons emerged as an appealing modality for radiotherapy due to their

Radiation damage studies in metals and metal/oxide heterostructures through in-situ TEM

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Djamel Kaoumi Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering at North Carolina State University Abstract: When coupled to an ion beam accelerator, the spatial resolution of Transmission Electron Microscopy makes it an invaluable imaging technique to track the real-time response of microstructure under irradiation, shedding light on the mechanisms of formation and growth of defects in materials.

A Youth Led Nuclear Victory at COP-27

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Ia Aanstoot, Stockholm In what is undoubtedly a first for Berkeley Nuclear Engineering, this week’s colloquium will be given by a high school student in Stockholm, who played a critical role in delaying the COP27 climate negotiations by three hours and fundamentally changed the outcome by making it include nuclear power. The climate crisis is

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