May 9, 2024

UCBNE students and faculty attended the 2024 American Nuclear Society International Conference on Physics of Reactors (PHYSOR 2024). This event brought together a mix of industry professionals, academic personnel, and national lab researchers to talk about the current state of advanced reactor design. Topics included industry projects geared toward employing electricity-producing reactors, different experimental facilities, and the needs for the future of advanced reactors.

Learn more about PHYSOR 2024. Photo credits AJ Gubser.

UCBNE at the Emeriti as Mentors Intergenerational Poster Session 2024

UCBNE at the Emeriti as Mentors Intergenerational Poster Session 2024

May 3, 2024


During the fourth annual Emeriti as Mentors Intergenerational Poster Session, three students from the spring 2024 offering of the class NUCENG 24 "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Nuclear Engineering But Were Afraid To Ask" led by Professor Eric Norman presented a poster describing their final reports from the class. Micaela Bowers, Amanda Fellinge, and Evan Lingo showcased their final reports on environmental lessons from Chernobyl, nuclear transmutation, and molten salt reactors, respectively.

Learn more about the Emeriti As Mentors poster session.

UCBNE students attend the 2021 Washington Nuclear Engineering Student Delegation (NESD)

UCBNE students join the 2021 Washington Nuclear Engineering Student Delegation

October 8th, 2021

The whole Washington Nuclear Engineering Student Delegation (NESD)
The whole Washington Nuclear Engineering Student Delegation (NESD)

Sarah Stevenson (4th year Ph.D. student), Malachi Nelson (2nd year Ph.D. student) and Laura Shi (senior undergraduate) represented UCB NE at the 2021 Washington Nuclear Engineering Student Delegation (NESD) from September 26th through October 1st.

The Washington NESD is an independently organized program with the goal of allowing students studying nuclear science and engineering to acquire hands-on experience with the political process to learn how they can make a positive impact on the future of nuclear energy, policy, education, and research. This year’s delegation was composed of 17 students from 12 universities with the largest representation from UC Berkeley.

The delegation met with representatives from key institutions such as the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the American Nuclear Society, the Nuclear Energy Institute, the Nuclear Innovation Alliance, ClearPath, and ThirdWay. Members of the delegation also met with their local representatives, including Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA 13th District) to discuss the importance of investing in the future of nuclear education and energy in the Bay Area.

This experience gave delegates the opportunity to gain new perspectives on insights on the US policy-making process. The delegation also worked together to create a policy memo that conveyed the student’s views on nuclear energy, education, and research and advocated for the passage of active legislation. To read the policy memo and learn more about the delegation, please visit www.nesd.org.

The Nuclear Science and Security Consortium wins 5-year NNSA Grant for the third time

The Nuclear Science and Security Consortium wins 5-year NNSA Grant for the third time

January 27, 2021

Bay Area Neutron Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on 08/22/2017 in Berkeley, Calif.

The Berkeley-based center, the NSSC, has won the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NSSA) 5-year, $25 million grant for the third time in a row. The NNSA first awarded the NSSC with a $25 million grant in 2011, then in 2016, and now for Sept. 2021. UC Berkeley's Nuclear Engineering Department Chair, Professor Peter Hosemann, highlights  this "is particularly notable given that most centers only receive it once or twice."

There is a recompetition for the grant every 5 years, as detailed by UCB Nuclear Engineering professor and NSSC program director, Jasmina Vujic: “We have to recompete — this is not renewal — every single time, meaning we have to write an entirely new proposal, have an entirely new team, and compete on a national level against anybody else."

The NSSC has supported over 550 undergraduates, graduates, postdoctoral students, faculty and specialists throughout its history. Focusing most of its funding to student support. “The consortium provides a strong draw for students into nuclear security and nonproliferation research areas,” said NSSC executive director and UCB researcher Bethany Goldblum in an email. “These scholars will go on to be leaders in nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear arms control, nuclear incident response, nuclear energy, and other nuclear-related fields.” 

We congratulate Professor Vujic, Dr. Goldblum, and those that contributed to the successful proposal. To another successful and fruitful 5 years ahead!

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Berkeley Students Win Awards at 2019 ANS Conference

Berkeley Students Win Awards at 2019 ANS Conference

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019


Undergraduate students Andrew Dong and Emily Vu won awards for their presentations at the American Nuclear Society Conference this past week, April 4-6, held in Richmond, Virginia.
Andrew Dong was awarded Best Presentation in Materials Science and Technology. While Emily Vu took home Best Presentation in Mathematics and Computation.

See here for the full list of award winners.

Great job Andrew and Emily, you make us proud!

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